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We offer a number of supporting contract services which aim to reduce the load on your internal resources while maintaining the quality of service your systems require.

Operating System Management
EQSN takes on the responsibility for the maintaining the operating system, patch levels, security updates etc. We will integrate the server into our monitoring, alarm and maintenance system. We will undertake to operate the Disaster Recovery plan in the event of a system failure.

Database Administration
Database support carries out the same tasks on your Oracle or SQL server databases. We can provide configuration services for MYSQL also, but no service level can be offered for it.

Firewall Management
Protecting your server by using a firewall is best practice. As a base level we can implement IP filtering which protects your system using the EQSN general facilities. This is a form of fire-wall although it should not be regarded as a substitute for firewall software. Most customers require a dedicated firewall to meet their obligations. Our Check Point certified engineers can configure and maintain the firewall system if required.

Remote Hands
Although the systems we manage have remote power management capability there is still the odd occasion that requires manual intervention, perhaps to load a CDROM or press a button. This facility is available with costs depending on the time of day the action is required.

Tape Changing
Daily tape changes and storage are crucial to a quality Backup strategy and Disaster Recovery plan. Changes can be carried out on a 5 day or 7 day cycle. Storage is in an adjacent building, but arrangements can be made for storage with a specialist company if required.

Terminal Server Ports
Terminal server ports allow access to the serial ports of your system. In the case of Sun and HP servers, this allows you to take full control of the machine as you would when sitting physically in front of it. Coupled with the APC power management, this allows complete control of the machine.