In broad terms EQSN racks your computer systems in a dedicated facility and provides them with the correct environment, resilient power and connection to resilient Internet bandwidth connections.

What's included in your co-location fee?
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We specialise in managing computer systems in data centre environments, providing the monitors, tools and alarms that ensure your systems have the best opportunity to remain active 24x7.

How is it charged? We charge by the size of the system to be located with us. The industry term for the measurement unit is 'u', which equals 1.75 inches (44.45mm). The bigger the item of equipment the more it costs to host. Power is included.

Servers can be placed into shared racks, where other customers equipment also resides, or in a private rack. Once the number of servers and space required grows, it is important to consider placing your systems in a dedicated private rack. In shared racks clients must be accompanied if they require to physically access their equipment, with dedicated racks it is possible to arrange a visit without such accompaniment.