About Us



EQSN offers co-hosting, co-location and system management functions which are uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients.

We take great pride in our ability to deliver a quality service which represents both a low risk and a cost effective solution to client needs leaving you to focus on the business issues whilst we look after the technology.

The unique EQSN infrastructure, multi-homed, triangulated bandwidth supply, multiple location data centres, growth options and services allow us to provide you with an offering which will both satisfy your current company specific needs and will accommodate changing and growing future needs.

Co-hosting, co-location and system management with EQSN can generate significant, tangible cost savings which include:

  • Reduced internal resource requirements.
  • Higher service levels at lower cost-reduced telecoms costs.
  • Reduced Hardware and Infrastructure costs.
  • Power Savings.
  • Releasing resource to generate business benefit.
  • Growth and expansion potential without the associated costs.

Please contact us and request further details of our cost justification exercise which will assist in helping you to quantify the potential savings which can be achieved by selecting EQSN.